Save Time Daily with these five easy steps


1. Get Enough sleep, Quality sleep:
This aspect may be the most neglected aspect of saving time daily but it is probably the most important, because while you may be trying to avoid sleep and use stimulants to stay awake, the body will be accumulating fatique and stress. Observing enough sleep and rest per day will enable lost strength to be recovered and used for upcoming tasks, and though its easy to feel like you want to keep on sleeping each time you wake up (due to energy recovery), you will ultimately be sharper after you shake off the sleepy eyes and get on to work. Embrace a lifestyle of scheduled sleep times.

2. Work anywhere you are:
This is made possible by the fast growth in technological inventions, these days its easier to save time by multitasking and covering more jobs at the same time, depending on the nature of the work. Smart phones, laptops, emails and social apps go a long way in hitting targets even while doing other tasks.

3. Turn off or delete social media accounts and games:
Nothing consumes time more than the side distractions that we permit around us, such as games on our mobile phone and notifications from social media accounts. In trying to save time in a day, we should look to cut down on the attention given to these subtly addictive distractions, or delete/let go of them entirely.

4. Try to stick to the Basics:
In making attempts to save time daily, you must realise the need to stick to the basic things, a lot activities at the same time or a lot of thoughts at the same time can be a time killer or worse, a morale dampener. Look around the house and ask yourself: “Is this place arranged properly enough to allow me wake up daily and do the simple things on time?”, if the answer is no, then you need to make out time and clean or rearrange that house, throw away the garbage and stick to a simple script. Do this evaluation at work also, your desk, your to-do list, etc.

5. Practice High-Intensity Interval Training:
HIIT training is a workout schedule where you do short, but effective home exercises and rest in-between intervals. Rather than taking long trips to the gym, you stay indoors and do healthy routines that accelerate blood flow around the body and increase sharpness of the muscles and joints. If you work from home, in time you mix these little exercises with you work schedule as an alertness reviving scheme. Generally a lot of time usually spent at the gym is saved when you practice HIIT.

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