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4 Things Never To Post on Social Media


Privacy is a rare luxury these days with social media becoming very popular. Even though you think you are not posting everything about your life, there are a few things you may overlook that may give people clues about your life.


1. Your home and work addresses

Not just about typing your whole address onto your Facebook profile. Geotagging photos on social media can give away your address even when you don’t realize are. For example, creating geotags on instagram pulls the location of where you are currently, and sometimes you can input the location yourself. So if all your geotags point to the same location, someone can easily assume that’s where you live or work.


2. Certain photos of children

When it comes to children and social media, you have to be extra careful, especially if they aren’t yours. You should always get permission from their parents before you post anything. And even if they are your kids, you still want to steer clear of uploading certain photos of them, including where they go to school.


3. Password clues

Online security questions aren’t the strongest, especially when they require information that you can be very easily given away on social networks. The  town where you grew up, your childhood pet’s name, where you were married, your first boyfriend’s name, your mother’s name. These are all specific details your social media doesn’t need to know about.


4. Financial information

Some people actually post pictures of their credit cards on social media. But there are other details you might unintentionally give away through social media conversations like the bank you use and your income range. Sometimes, even your birth date and date of birth give hackers enough details to access your financial information.

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