Staying Focused during Study! …….by Victory Igberase


Ever find it just a tad bit hard to open a book, and stay on it till the end? Next minute your eyes start falling in and then you are yawning; this whole time you didn’t realise how exhausted you were. Or were you? Perhaps your attention span couldn’t take it and your brain got worked to shreds by your chosen activity, or maybe it’s the boring topic the book contains? Either way, it’s never so much of a cheap task staying focused on a book while studying, but there are perhaps a few tips that can get you there:

…..Stay in a Proper Posture:
It actually takes a lot more energy out of you when you try to study or read a book in a lying, slant or slouch position compared to when you sit properly and upright. You need to get a chair and table, sit at a perfect 90 or reclining 100 degrees angle, with both feet flat on the ground. This ensures that for the duration of reading, you have maximum alertness, and also prevents long term health issues due to poor posture.

…..Read in Specified Intervals:
The human brain is quite easily exhausted when indulged in serious or efficiency-driven tasks, so it’s important to take breaks and ensure the brain is never entirely run-out while studying; sometimes it could be 10 minute breaks after every 1 hour of studying, or 5 minute breaks after each 40 minute study. In a while, your brain will get conditioned to even go farther without a break (even though it must never do without a one).

…..Turn off Distractions, within and without:
This may just be the most important step to maintaining focus while studying, and it’s largely based on preference; some people can study pretty well and stay focused with some music playing in the background. A host of others prefer to have a lot of quiet around before they commence reading or studying. You must spot what works for you and do it always, instant messages and rings from your cell phone, email or whatever else makes sounds can be turned off and kept aside till you are done reading.

Conclusion: These tips may seem quite simple, but in the long run they go a mighty long way in easing the stress you go through when it’s hard to focus during study time. You won’t need coffee and other stimulants if these steps are followed religiously.

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