2019 Elections: “I am the man to watch in this generation" - Fayose

2019 Elections: “I am the man to watch in this generation” – Fayose


Speaking at the 13th convocation lecture at the Benson Idahosa University in Benin, the Edo state capital, Governor Ayodele Fayose all but confirmed his aspirations for the highest office in the land when he said these words:

“I am the man to watch in this generation. So, I am controversial because I am doing things other men like me cannot do. They are scared. They are afraid; they don’t have courage.”

He also explained the reason behind his controversies.

“What I am saying to you is that controversy is necessary for democracy. We must have our voice,” he said.

“I am not an APC member and I will never be. But remember the fact that our leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a courageous man in his own right, our leader in Yoruba land, forget about politics; if they give Asiwaju appointment, he will give a Yoruba man. Whether he is in the APC does not matter.

“‎And I came out strongly; I defended him. I am not defending politics. I am defending the truth. Our politics must have where we would stop it and say the truth as may be necessary.‎”

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