10 Ways Ladies Will Frustrate Your Life If You Are A Broke Guy


As a one time broke guy, ladies frustrated my life that I almost attempted suicide but now reverse is the case

Without wasting time, we shall discuss how ladies frustrate the lives of broke guys

10 Ways Ladies Will Frustrate Your Life If You Are A Broke Guy

1. They will surely Cheat on you
Even if you hold a PhD but in as much as you are a chronic broke dude, the chances of your girlfriend not cheating on you, or at least flirt, is likened to Ayo Fayose’s chances of becoming a president in Nigeria. They are most likely to cheat which can be very frustrating

2. They are overly Strict when it comes to S*X

I observed that ladies always make it a thug of war to allow broke guys get under their skirts. That is, getting under their skirts is likened to breaking into Central Bank or flying to the United States without a visa. They always complain of one thing or the other 8)

3. Your decision is Limited

Any suggestion or financial advice you give may not hold water. An adage says, money dey talk you dey talk say you get idea

4. They will tell u no S*X Till Marriage

I don’t know if they tell this to rich dudes, but when it comes to the broke dudes, they always stay hell bent on NO s*x TILL MARRIAGE.

5. They are so Aggressive when you Woo Them

Some ladies are better than T. B. Joshua when it comes to foretell the future of someone by mere looking. These ladies will quickly calculate the worth of you clothings and that will determine the reply you will get. This reminds of the bashing I received when growing up. I striked a convo with a lady and all she did was look at me from head to toe, and said, pls get a job and stop bothering my life”

6. Bringing Gang Of Friends On A Date

This has been causing controversies since the days of Lord Lugard. At the sight of your supposed a lady coming with gang of friends in a date without informing earlier can be really frustrating. In some cases, some guys will take an excuse and zoom off

7. Saying No Broke Guys Have No Business Being In Relationships

In this nation, ladies treat broke guys as foreigners that they give reasons to justify why they have no business being in relationships but strive hard to improve on their standard of living, and I trust that every broke guy will flare up when he hears this statement

8. They always Complain about Money

They may not ask you for money but they will always complain about money in your presence, making you feel when Real Madrid when Juventus thrashed them out of Champions League

9. The often Talk about Marriage

YES it can be so frustrating when a lady keeps disturbing or bothering your life when she knows that you are still living from hand to mouth

10. Feel free to add the last one.

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