10 Types Of Students You Should Not Sit With If You Did Not Read For An Exam

copy_paste_examThis articleis based on my experience at Nigeria Institute of Journalism,Ogba, Lagos. I also trust that this is peculiar to every other institution across the nation.When it comes to exam, I’m just that kind of person that barely rely on my fellow students for help in the hall. This is to avoid a story that touches the heart

That being said, it’s always good to study hard for an exam because this will boast your confidence and self esteem, but if you did not, if you sit with these categories of students during an exam, you are finished

Now let’s analyze these categories of students

1. The S.U

I think this should top the list. This reminds of an exam I did not prepare for when I was in ND1. This was because I had little or no interest in the course. Unfortunately for me, I sat beside a religious zealous lady (we all call them S.U :D). When things were getting out of hand, circumstances led me to call her to please save me from failure; and to my surprise this lady turned deaf ears to my calling but after so much disturbance, she flared up saying she’s wouldn’t do that cos that is a violation of religious law. Thank God I managed to get a ‘D’.

2. First to submit Booklet Students

I don’t know if there’s a special mark awarded to students who submit their booklets. When they manage to answer all their questions, they will quickly zoom off to submit their booklets. This is done probably to intimidate other students, making them look like olodo.

3. Those who also want to Copy you

This is very funny. If you didn’t prepare for an exam and you happen to sit with students whose aims and objectives is just to copy every everything you have written word for word. You are finished !

4. Masquerade Carriers

These categories of students will succeed in examination malpractice even if battalion of solders invigilate. However, I have observed that these students are always very observant and watchful to avoid being caught. If you ask them for answers, they will keep posting you even though they have written 10 pages and your booklet is still empty.

5. The who are topping the class

I don’t know if this also happens in other institutions. Majority of those who are the rocker of a department barely communicate with other students during the exam. They are mostly quiet and will never do side talks. If you don’t study hard for an exam and you sit with them thinking they will help you. Be rest assured that failure is you friend

6. Boastful Students

This normally happens in the first year (ND1 and 100l). During the first semester, these categories of students will always ask questions during lectures probably to show that they understand the lecture better than every other students; more so, even to the extent that when all students are bereft of knowledge of something, these boastful students will give other students an impression that they know it all. Don’t be misled by their acts cos many gullible freshers will be clustered around them in a bid to make friends with them. If you rely on them during an exam, you are finished !

7. Students Who Claim they are smarter than you

These students will ask for the few you have written and will add it to theirs, but when you ask them questions, they will tell you to be patient with them. If i hear say dem tell u

8. Students You Will Find at nigth class 24/7

This can be sometimes deceiving. That a student leaves the class at 11pm reading is not a indication of brilliance. Some of them may not be as brilliant as you think. If you are misled by this and you rush to sit with them during an exam, you might end up biting your finger. Lolxx

9. Student who hold themselves in high esteem

These ones know nothing but because they hold themselves in high esteem, they will not ask you for answers and will not tell you either. This is because they know that the breeze will expose the anus of the chicken when they tell you what they have written

10. Please feel free to add the last one.

Thanks for reading.

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