10 Types Of People You Meet In A Betting Shop



Here are the 10 types of people you will meet in a betting shop.

1) The rich Niggas:
This set of people will just come into the shop and play nothing less than 10 tickets with the minimum of 30k. They just walk in, play their game and leave.

2) The talk and no play:
This ones will just come to the office and keep telling people the kind of games to play and how many odds they have without playing any.

Sometimes they wait for those who has won with the hope of getting little share.

3) The analyzers:
They will come very early in the morning and start talking about the matches for the day.

This type of people can tell u d history of all d players, coaches and even the fifa president.

They would later predict and still lose.

4) The greedy ones:
This type will come with just #100 hoping to win 15million. Their tickets will b longer that Niger bridge with very high odds.

5) The observers:
They will never play, all they do is to come and wait for those who are ready to play and keep asking silly questions like ” abeg dis bet dey really pay people”, ” bro how many times you don win” or ” when be the last time wey you win”

6)The winners:
They come to collect the money they have won with smiles all over their faces, some will even start making calls and telling their friends to start buying the bottles of origin.

7) The first timer:
This set of people will keep asking questions about odds and how to play the game.

The proud ones make lots of mistake for failing to ask questions.

8) The Dog and horse race freak:
They keep shouting “queen ella” and shaking like a patient of malaria while waiting for their game to click. Most times they leave the place with anger.

9) The Dreamers:
They would claim they saw the games in their dream and know exactly

what would happen. This set of people hardly win and keep blaming teams for their misfortunes

10) The copy and paste:
They come without any game in mind and hope to find someone with good games that they would copy from, they collect games from different people to make up theirs and play with faith.

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