10 Things To Know About Yeast Infection


Yeast infection is something that is quite common.

So common, it is taken for granted.

In fact, once yeast infection is mentioned, people immediately think all i have to do is take an antibiotic.

However, there is more to yeast infection than an unusually large amount of yeast production.

  1. They occur in more than one part of your body- Yeast infections occur in the mouth. How do you know when you have it in your mouth? You will see white, foamy, curdled abnormalities on your mouth and tongue.
  2. It affects men too- Although, yeast infections are very common with females, men have them too. Penile yeast infections feel just like vaginal yeast infection:burning, itching, frequent urination, etc. It can be treated with an over-the-counter cream.
  3. Pasta increases your chances of getting a yeast infection.
  4. Could be a symptom- Sometimes, having a yeast infection could be your body’s way of letting you know you have diabetes. This is because sugar helps yeast grow, so having a lot of yeast infections could be because you have high levels of sugar in your body. So, go see a doctor if you get more than two yeast infections a year and test for diabetes.
  5. Inhalers increase your chances of being infected- Things like inhalers, mouth guards, retainers and dentures are breeding grounds for the bacteria that cause yeast infections. Inhaler
  6. Medicine- Sometimes, over-the-counter treatment intended for the treatment of yeast infection can generate the bacteria that causes yeast infections.
  7. Douching- This actually removes the good bacteria from your vagina that helps fight off the yeast infection-causing bacteria. Thereby, increasing your chances of getting infected.
  8. Self diagnosis is bad- Taking the pill for yeast infections too often can make your body grow immune to it, so if you think you have a yeast infection, see your doctor to confirm it.
  9. Yeast infections can happen when bacteria from your anus makes it into your vagina. That is why you should wipe from front to back.Image Source: Shutterstock.com
  10. There is a link between yeast infection and your insides-  There are studies that show that those who suffer from several intestinal conditions often suffer from more yeast infections. So, boost your intestinal health with probiotics or foods with active cultures like yogurt. Image Source: Shutterstock
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