10 Things Guys Do In Church That Shows They Only Went There To Waste Their Time



I know so many people will be amazed to see me come up with this kind of write-up.

When men were still boys , below were the things we used to do during and after church service, but now, who have outgrown these things” lol

Naijaloadites, If you are guilty of charge, it’s better to turn a new leaf today. Lolxxxx

10 Things Guys Do In Church That Shows They Only Went There To Waste Their Time

1. If you returned back from church, droped your Bible and after eating, you opened your video folder and start watching p**n. Without deceiving yourself, you only went to church to waste your time

2. If are seated beside a neighbour who happens to be someone you are quarreling with; and the pastor tells you to prophesy something good into the life to the person sitting next to you, but you refused cos you are keeping malice with that person

3. If you leave the church premises and start mouth-thrashing the choir for their poor singing skills and how they were singing off key

4. If you walk out of the church because you find the sermon boring. You should have bought Night of a thousand Laugh CD, sit down, relax and watch it at home rather than expecting the pastor to turn himself to a clown

5. If you are busy gazing flirtaciously at a pretty young lady during praise and worship, only to strike a convo with her immediately after the service. My brother, you went to church for a different thing

6. If you go to the church and sit in the front roll just because you want to flaunt you new clothings. My brother! Heaven knows you went to church to show off, not to glorify God

7. If you PING at regular intervals, that is, from the beginning of the service to the end, I’m sorry you only went to church probably because you don’t want to be seen staying at home

8. If the driving motive behind your presence in church is only to charge your mobile phone and the moment it’s full, off you go. I’m sorry it’s just one of those things

9. If you go to the church and can’t even remember the topic of the sermon or any Bible verse. My broda, na play you go play there

10. Kindly add the last one

Happy Sunday fellas

God bless you all.

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