10 Categories Of People That Run From Church To Another For Miracles


In recent time, circumstances surrounding people has made them into running helter skelter looking for what was not lost.

Go back to forty years ago, and you would see that many people now worship God for benefit, comfort and other selfish reasons.

Now, let’s meet the kinds of people that run from one church to another

See 10 Categories Of People That Run From Church To Another For Miracles

1. Ladies who are looking for the fruit of the Womb

I think this should top the list. Just because some on them can not withstand the pressure being mounted on them by their husbands’ relatives for their inability to bear child(ren), they move from one churches to another for miracle

2. Men who are desperate to get Rich

I mean who doesn’t want to have good financial standing? Despite the fact that I’m still that broke guy eating from hand to mouth; the thought of attending every church programme for financial breakthrough irks me a lot.

The Bible has made us understand that we can be the pastor of ourselves, so why woul d I run from a white garment church to Apostolic, from Mfm to Catholic and so on, at the expense of financial breakthrough. Never !!!

3. Ladies who are desperately in need of Husbands

I’m a living witness of this. I have seen ladies join a unit in the church, but I can tell you that the propelling motive behind this, is not because they really want to serve or know more of God, but to increase their chances of getting finding who will ask them for hand in marriage; and when their aim is achieved, they wave goodbye to the church.

To those who can’t join work force, they run from one church to another for marital breakthrough

4. Those who see every Challenge as Spiritual

Let’s not deceive ourselves here, not every problem that happens to a man is spiritual.

As a matter of fact, there are even less spiritual problems than physical, just that people seem to see every challenge, encounter and temptation as spiritual, when in fact, it’s not.

However, those who have no direction and lack priorities see every challenge as spiritual, therefore, they run from one church to another to breakthrough

5. Unserious Students

Here at The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti; I have met with quite a few number of students who at the mention of academic breakthrough/prevalence, will start running helter skelter.

The funniest thing is that, you will never see these people at seminars, orientations and many more programmes that can be of impact or widen their horizon

6. Those who are low in Faith.

Take it or leave it, people who run from one church to another are actually those who are low in faith.

They barely attend a church for two months, off they zoom to another church when they notice that there’s delay in answer to the prayers
7. Those with low self esteem

As a student, sometimes a take garri as breakfast but when I see friends with good financial standings eating something better.

I just silently speak to God to please enlarge my coast and change my standard of living.

That is not a good reason to run from one church to another because I want to compete with my friends

8. Those who have misplaced priorities

I have seen friends who have switched churches just because they heard that, there are so many rich men in a particular church.

However, off they go just to come in contact with important personnel in the church

9. Who are desperate to get Jobs

I don’t have much to say about this. All I know is that some of these people are also part of what this discourse

10 Those who don’t know how Christianity works

Yeah so many people go to churches but only a few number of them know how it really works. However, some of them seem not to understand that Jesus is everywhere.

You need not travel miles away before you meet him.

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